Guyana Interesting Facts

Guyana is one of the beautiful places. It has many things to offer to its tourists. It is rightly called the land of waters, as it has Atlantic Ocean to its north. Here are some interesting facts about Guyana.

Guyana Interesting Facts:

* Guyana is the third smallest country on the mainland of South America.

* English is the widely spoken language of the people here, and Guyana is considered the only English speaking country in South America.

* It also has four non-Spanish speaking territories in the continent.

* Besides English, Amerindian dialects, Creole, Hindi and Urdu are spoken by many people here.

* Christianity, Hinduism, Islam are the three major religions of the people here, even though there are many other religions.

* The capital of Guyana is Georgetown. Guyana gained its independence from its last oppressors in the year 1966, but it took four years to become a republic in 1970.

* Guyanese dollar is the currency of Guyana.

* The longest river in Guyana is the Essequibo River.

* It has gold mines, and Omai Gold mines is one of the largest open-pit gold mines in South America.

* Like many other countries, Guyana has selected Victoria Amazonia as their national flower. Hoatzin is its national bird, which is also known as Canje Pheasant.

* Guyana has almost everything that one would like to see by traveling all over the world.

* It has beautiful water falls. Tall, standing trees with leaves that gives off a sweet aroma.

To put it as simple as one can, Guyana is hidden treasure in its every single corner, and the treasure is the beauty inherited from nature.

Things You Must Know Before Joining an MBA Course

MBA is a craze these days. Many youngsters plan to do MBA after their graduation. However not many of them really know what it exactly is and what they should really do to make most out of their investment. Most of these ignorant fellows end up in wasting huge money on an inferior institution that takes them nowhere in fact. Here are some things which you must know before opting for an MBA.

1. Nomenclature: MBA, abbreviated from Master in Business Administration is an internationally recognized PG course covering various business -oriented subjects, such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources

2. Origin: Originated from the United States in the late nineteenth century, started in India in 1961 with IIMS that were not authorized to offer MBA degrees and were issuing PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management).

3. First b-schools of India: IIM Calcutta was the first to be established with the collaboration of MIT Sloan School of Management. Next to follow was IIM Ahmadabad, in initial collaboration with Harvard Business School. In 1955, the University of Delhi initiated the Faculty Management Studies (FMS) and during 1968, first launched the MBA program for graduates.

4. Course to be selected from I) Full time and Industry Accepted ii) Regular 2 years iii) One Year Part time for executives iv) Distance Learning online by weekends v) Open University vi) Finishing School Concepts.

5. Specialization Subjects: General MBA provides options for Marketing, HR and Finance. IIMs and other top b-schools offer a number of electives that don’t attract student. Job prospects marketing 70% finance & HR 10% and balance 10% covers all specialization. Don’t get lured by low budget programs offering new specialization.

6. Special Courses: Select institutes marked ‘specialized’ for specialized courses. Choose to join IIFT for Foreign Trade or IRMA for Rural Management. Other specialized courses are International Business, Entrepreneurship, Media Management, Healthcare, NGO & Rural Development, Tourism and Travels etc. Private institutes charging fees less than Rs 6-7 lakhs can’t provide good quality specialized courses.

7. Self-Interrogation: Sort out the pros and cons with regard to the course and institute you are going to select. What are your motivations such as prospective job openings or establishing your own business? Thinking of in-country education or abroad? Low budget course or high profile institutes? Financial resources available or intending to avail study loan. Which course with what investment gives you the optimum Return on Investment?

8. Selection procedure of foreign b-schools: The base is GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test, TOEFL or Test of English as a foreign language and IELTS or International English Language Testing System. Letters of Recommendation and personal interviews are other means of selection. Join only the high-ranking ones.

9. Ranking of b-School is done by Bloomberg Business week, US news & World Report, Eduniversal, the Economist and D& B gives list of all b-schools in India and interviews associated ( Leading Business Schools. Ranking up to top ten may be authentic while the rest may be manipulative, favoring particular institute.

10. Qualifying Ability: You are to score the minimum cut-off marks in Common Admission Test or CAT. Check your own past academic performance at matriculation or +2 levels. Your earlier good performance in mathematics and basic knowledge of Economics, and Quantitative Techniques, good communication skills in English, both written and spoken, involvement in extracurricular activities and perseverance will help you better after you join any b-school of your choice.

How to Choose a Reverse Osmosis System?

When one wishes to obtain perfectly biocompatible drinking water, it is often necessary to proceed with the acquisition of a reverse osmosis system, more commonly known as reverse osmosis.

But these devices are expensive, so do not be mistaken and ask the right questions at the time of purchase.

Different parameters actually come into play, and as you can find anything on the Internet, it is often difficult to navigate.

The questions to ask to make the right choice:

– What use would you make RO water? Would you use it only for drinking water (in that case a small flow could be sufficient) or do you also use it to wash your fruits and vegetables, cook with soups, cooking pasta, rice, prepare your coffee and tea, etc.

– How many people are there to consume osmosis water? Between one person or a couple, and a family of 6, the amount of osmosis water is consumed per day is far from being the same!

The issue of your daily requirement of water turns out to be a crucial criterion. Indeed, using a reverse osmosis unit is comfortable and daily pleasure if it produces enough water or is fast enough. Hence, the supplied water flow is also important.

– Are you regularly at home? Reverse osmosis membranes have to be rinsed periodically. If you are at home every day (except during holiday periods), you can opt for a carefree unit which is not equipped with electronic model (no sequential rinsing of the membrane). If you are not often at home, it is worth taking an electronic model. The longevity of the membrane is still preserved.

– Would you like a model on or under sink? This essentially depends on the layout of your kitchen and accessibility of your furniture under sink. However, the on-sink models often operate with a filling jug and therefore are slower to produce water than under-sink reverse osmosis units.

– A model with or without tank? Imperatively choose a tankless osmosis, direct flow! The tanks can indeed be cleaned but biofilm tends to drop it after a few years of use. Although this biofilm is not toxic, it is nevertheless undesirable and disrupts the quality of the water.

– What budget will you spend on this purchase?

Beware of low-end reverse osmosis units, made in China with the material of unknown composition and origin, equipped with low-quality membranes.

The price of consumables (filters and membranes) is also important because to achieve both optimum water quality and durability of its osmosis, they should be replaced once or twice a year.

And above all, compare what are comparable! Flow rate, discharge rate, the retention rate of the membrane or membranes, the electronic control of the apparatus, the presence of chlorine, sediment pre-filter and post-filter sterile. Meeting the criteria of the Vincent bioelectronics is key element!

How to Clean a Suit Jacket

If you are a man there is pretty much no way you can get through life without owing a suit coat. The suit jacket is an extremely important part of your wardrobe even if you do not wear a suit to work, you will need to have quick access to one throughout your life. Weddings, interviews, funerals, special events; let’s face it a suit is essential. Ideally, the best way to keep your jacket clean is by using a professional dry cleaner, sometimes expensive professional cleaning is not a option due to price and/or time constraints. This article covers how to clean your suit jacket at home without having to take it to the dry cleaners. Some of the key items you will need to get the job done yourself are;

* A clothes brush

* A stain removal stick, pen or spray

* A clothing steamer or iron with a steam feature

* A soft clean cloth (can be purchased at clothing stores or dry cleaners)

* A suit hanger

The first thing to do is take out your clothing brush and brush away any loose dust, dirt and lint from your jacket. After brushing, hang the coat on a hanger (wooden is better than plastic) now re-brush the coat focusing on the side panels and sleeves.

Next, use your stain removal pen or stick to take out any small stains that are on the jacket. You can get a stain stick at most grocery stores or drug stores in the same isle as laundry detergent. Be careful when using the stain removal pen if you use too much solution you can damage your jacket or cause a different type of stain.

Next, Steam your jacket using a clothing steamer or a iron with steam feature. Hang the coat on your hanger and hold the steam about 10 inches from your suit. If you are using an iron, you may need to hold it closer. Make sure you steam the entire suit on all sides.

Next, use your clean cloth to lightly dust off the jacket and buff up the surface of it. Try and rub the cloth in line with the nap of the fabric.

Finally leave the garment to hang in a room with very good air flow this will help dry the jacket from steaming and air it out, leaving it smelling clean.

Top 5 Tips to Choose High Quality Italian Linens and Italian Linen Items

To find the most authentic Italian linens and Italian linen items at reasonable prices without the fear of being duped can be a real challenge for most people. Just to find a place without going to Italy that sells genuine top quality Italian linen can be difficult. Or, you can become one of the millions of savvy internet shoppers who know how to take advantage of all the information out there to get you to the best stores. So what’s the best way to succeed in your quest? Discussed below are 5 ideas to help you succeed at finding the best quality Italian Linens and Italian Linen Items at the best prices:

1. Look for highest grade cotton and linen used for your favorite kitchen, bath, bed and dining linen. It is all about the fibers – if they are short, stubby, and brittle fibers – manufacturers may be able to weave them into threads, but once that thread hits the washer and dryer it is going fall apart. Note how the lint balls in the washer and the layers of lint in your dryer filter that is all coming off of whatever you wash. Not even the term Egyptian cotton will guarantee you high quality. It is a variety of cotton. There is good and bad Egyptian cotton. It is all about the specific plant and the growing conditions. The best cotton is a long strong and fluffy fiber. This is crucial because the fibers will determine the durability, feel, and look of the fabric that will last a long time, wash after wash. Yes, we are talking years and decades compared to cheap imitation imports that lose their original luster in a few washes. If you buy the fine quality Italian linens you actually save money by not having to buy the alternate cheap imports again and again.

2. Find out what kind of dye has been used, how deep and clear it and fast it is and how it is set. The best quality linens use fast vegetable dyes that are permanent and do not fade even after many washes. Some of these colors can actually withstand bleach as well if they are set properly using high temperature steam. Since beauty of the patterns is so dependent on neat and crisp printing, there is no substitute for the finest Italian linen fabrics.

3. You should also know about the printing process on your favorite Italian linen. Is it machine-printed or hand-stamped with hand-carved-woodblocks? What kind of wood does the maker use is also important to know (Pear wood is the best!). For example hand wood block printing with fast vegetable dyes is considered the best and most permanent printing technique. The reason is that by putting the dye on a woodblock and then pounding that woodblock on top of fabric the maker is able to force the dye deep into the fabric which will actually make it look as if it were embroidered. The skill of the maker is also vital since getting an even color on the woodblock and then getting all of the stamps to have the same depth of color without smears and smudges takes years of practice to achieve the kind of mastery expected from the finest Italian linen makers. Therefore, it is important to know how they are making their linens as much as what materials they are using to be able to determine the value of the product.

4. Research and learn about well known lines of traditional Italian linen such as the famous Bertozzi linens from a the Romagna region in Italy or the perhaps more widely known Tuscan linens (Busatti is perhaps most famous and then there are less well known makers such as Giulianna Ricami who still offer fantastic designs and quality). Obviously, taste varies from customer to customer and makers have their particular style, design, and colors. Fortunately, the more traditional makers do products that have stood the test of time and have helped make Italy probably the top maker of fabric in the world (the French use a lot of Italian fabrics in their work!). Note in this business big is not better! Origin, quality, artistry and tradition make for the finest quality Italian linens – not mass production, fancy ads and clever branding!

5. Unfortunately, high quality Italian linens are not available in every local market. However, you can use the internet to find the best Italian Linen Stores on the web. Use all the previous 4 tips to identify the online store that meets all these criteria. If they are carrying authentic linens from these well recognized lines such as woodblock linens by Bertozzi and traditional Tuscan linens by Giuliana Ricami. It is also better to go with direct importers since they eliminate the middle man which leads to a better price quality ratio. Obviously, a direct importer, selling on the internet, has less operating costs compared to traditional malls or neighborhood stores. Therefore, they can pass on the savings to their customers. Item to item they will be less expensive than a big time retailer in a fancy shopping mall or a boutique. Plus if they are out of state you typically are not charged sales tax which can cover the cost of shipping. Furthermore, online shopping has become so much more secure with customer reviews and comments about the stores freely available.

Erection and Ejaculation Problems – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Sexual health is an important aspect of overall human health. Sexual dysfunction in the male usually consists of erection and ejaculation problems. These may cause infertility, disturbed relations with the female partner, depression and poor self-esteem. The various erection and ejaculation problems, and their Ayurvedic herbal treatment are discussed here.

Erectile dysfunction, often referred to as “impotence”, is defined as the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection that is suitable for penetration. Treatment for this condition is aimed at correcting the known cause. Sometimes, simple counseling and explanation of the normal anatomy and physiology of penile erection, may suffice. High cholesterol and obesity can be treated with traditional Ayurvedic formulations like Medohar Guggulu, Triphala Guggulu, Arogya Vardhini, Lashuna ( Allium sativum), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Psyllium (Plantago ovata), and Guggulu (Commiphora mukul). High blood pressure may be treated with Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Sutshekhar Ras, and Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus). Diabetes may be treated with medicines like Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre) and Amalaki (Emblica officinalis).

Erectile dysfunction may also be due to physical causes like inadequate blood flow to the penis, venous leakage, neurological defects and hormonal problems. These conditions may be treated using medicines like Agnitundi Vati, Vishtinduk Vati, Tapyadi Loha, Trayodashang Guggulu, Abhrak Bhasma, Kapikachhu (Mucuna pruriens), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Patol (Tricosanthe dioica), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Triphala (Three fruits), Draksha (Vitis vinifera), Musta (Cyperus rotundus) and Kutaj (Holharrhina antidysentrica).

Ejaculation problems consist of premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation and anejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is the commonest male sexual dysfunction. It is defined as ejaculation before the person wishes it, often within one to two minutes after penetration, though it can occur before or on penetration. This condition is often associated with performance anxiety or psychological trauma. It can be treated using medicines like Jayphal (Myristica fragrans), Talimkhana (Asteracantha longifolia), Parsik Yavani (Hyoscyamus niger), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Jatamansi, and Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis).

Delayed ejaculation can be a natural consequence of ageing in men, or may result from diabetes or the use of medicines like anti-depressants. Medicines useful in this condition are: Shilajit (Purified Bitumen), Makardhwaja, Rasa Sindur, Keshar (Crocus sativus), Shweta Musli (Asparagus adscendens), Kapikacchu and Talimkhana.

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition caused by an incompetent bladder sphincter, in which the semen goes backwards into the bladder instead of coming out of the penis. This could be caused by prostate surgery, a spinal injury, diabetes, high blood pressure medication and congenital problems. This condition may be treated using medicines like Vishtinduk Vati, Tapyadi Loha, Trayodashang Guggulu, Patol, Nimba, Triphala, Draksha, Musta, Kutaj, Laxa (Biopurified Wax) and Bel (Aegle marmelos).

These medicines may also be used to treat anejaculation, in which a man is unable to ejaculate. This condition is comparatively rare, and may be wrongly diagnosed as azoospermia.

Androgen deficiency may cause a reduction in Testosterone levels, resulting in reduced libido and erection problems. The natural ageing process is also responsible for reduced libido along with other general symptoms like tiredness, irritability, osteoporosis and reduced muscle mass. All these conditions may be treated using medicines like Kapikacchu, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Bala, Vidarikand (Ipomoea digitata), Shweta Musli, Amalaki and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus).

Chronic depression may also adversely affect the sexual urge, and result in sexual dysfunction. This may be treated by using Laxmi Vilas Rasa, Shrung Bhasma, Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) and Vacha (Acorus calamus).

This is, thus, a short description of the various erection and ejaculation problems, and their Ayurvedic herbal treatment. It is important to note that consistent and prolonged treatment is needed for most of the above mentioned problems to get significant results.

Female Boss Seducer Tactics – How to Attract Your Superior and Get Her to Sleep With You

Most female bosses and managers out there tend to be career-driven, so they might be utterly cautious when it comes to dealing with work romance, most of all with subordinates. Because of this, it might be a little difficult to seduce your boss; however, with the deadly tips I am about to share, your chances are going to be high in that department.

Do listen to this, though: if your plans of seducing your boss is merely to get promoted, stop reading this instant. I mean, come on! Would it really be worth it to get a corner office in exchange for constantly having a fat and wrinkly woman obsessively running after you? I think not. However, if you really find power suits attractive and would like to have a boss for a lover, feel free to read on and make her surrender to your power and greatness in no time…

– Do Not Waste Time. The very first thing you need to do is let her know that you like her as soon as possible and the greatest way to get this done would be through flirting. Watch her reactions after that; if she flirts with you, too, then your chances are mighty high!

– Give Her Little Gifts. Find some excuse to give her little gifts. You can even just say it’s because she has been such a great boss. Do not be too sexual, though. If you give her crotchless panties or a 10-inch strap-on, you are sure to go down in a flash. Try lollipops instead and get her to eat them in your presence. That should be enough to make her like you – a bit, at least. Now for the next step…

– Seal The Deal. After establishing the first flames of attraction with the boss, ask her on a date and close the deal. Think about how fun role-playing can be and ask her to go visit you at your house in her work clothes and a ponytail…

EMU Boot Care – Cleaning and Protecting Suede EMU Boots

As winter approaches and your feet get colder it’s time to starting thinking about your EMU boots. To really show them off you’re going to want to ensure they are nice and clean for your next outing.

Cleaning EMU boots is a very simple process but there are a few important things to look out for. The actual fabric used on the outer layer of the boot varies by style. The lower end boots such as the Bronte use a suede material, which can be cleaned easily using the methods highlighted below.

Make sure you check the labels before you proceed as cleaning the sheepskin fabric used on higher end EMU boots is an entirely different process.

As a preventative measure you should always try to seal the surface of your boots with a water repellent. These are available in a spray form from most shoe retailers and these will help to stop water absorption and prevent staining.

Suede is a very fragile material and should never be placed in a washing machine. In the event of staining, putting your EMU boots through the washing machine is likely to discolour the fabric and ruin the suppleness of the material. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable and colourless boot.

To remove stains from the surface of your boots, you will just need some suede cleaner. EMU Australia does sell cleaning kits, but other brands will suffice. Using a soft sued brush with some suede cleaner and a dash of water, gently brush the surface of the boot. It’s important to use some water as applying cleaner straight onto the fabric can cause discolouring.

Once you have removed the stains, take a clean damp cloth and wipe the affected areas. This will remove the remaining residue and ensure the boots come away nice and clean.

At this point you should stuff the interior of the boots with some old newspaper. This will help to maintain the shape of the boot during the drying. Put them in a warm dry place with plenty of ventilation. Do not place them in sunlight or near a heater as this can contribute to discolouring or misshaping of the boot. Leave the boots for several hours allowing them to dry completely.

Unethical Marketing Behavior, What to Look For and How to Protect Yourself

One of the unfortunate aspects of doing business on the internet is that unlike traditional storefront community businesses, the internet is rife with individuals who prefer crime to honest business. These individuals can be sorted into three general categories, with different intent, but employing similar methods and getting similar results.

1. Malicious individuals. These are the scum that pass viruses through e-mail, or send e-mails that try to scam you into giving out information. Why anyone would send a virus is open to debate, but I believe the reasons are more akin to psychosis than anything else. Phishing e-mails, the ones that claim you are a beneficiary to a stranger’s will, or you’ve won a contest you did not enter, or that you need to click a link to log in to a financial account to correct something, are designed to trick you into sharing your personal information. The result of someone responding to these e-mails is invariably identity theft.

2. Unethical marketers. These are the individuals who pretend to be something or someone that they are not to try to trick you into doing something. These are the individuals who send spam without using a real reply to address, they do not use their real name, and they often have disclaimers that are completely false. These individuals also go into forums and online groups and post ads, without ever contributing to the discussions. They sometimes go so far as to harvest your own e-mail address and use it to spam you so if you try to block them, or remove them, you are actually blocking your own e-mail address.

3. Naïve newbies who are unfamiliar with proper marketing techniques and so engage in unethical and ineffective behavior. These individuals do exactly what the individuals above do. They simply do it because they don’t know any better. Unfortunately, since they don’t take the time to learn proper marketing methods, such unethical behavior can permanently ruin their reputations before they even get a chance to get started.

Protecting yourself from the behavior of these individuals can be challenging, but it is essential if you are working on the internet. Just one virus, or reply to a phishing e-mail can do immense damage to your computer and life. Here are some ways to protect yourself.

1. Make sure that you have top of the line anti-virus software installed and update it frequently. I prefer Norton 360, but there are others available. The best update automatically minute by minute and have active scanning going on without you noticing.

2. Have separate e-mail accounts for personal, business, and pleasure and keep them separate. When you get an e-mail that you don’t recognize it is safe to open it, but do NOT click on any links inside it. If you cannot remember signing up for something, but think you might have, then type the domain into a Google search bar. This will bring you to Google’s search page with information on the domain. From there you can read about the site before visiting it.

3. If you get a phishing e-mail (one that asks for personal information) do not reply and do not fill out the information. Any communication from Paypal (a frequent phishing target), your bank (another common phishing target), or any other high value institution will direct you to their secure (https://) server. They will never ask for your personal information or give you a link to click. If you are in doubt call them and verify whether they actually did send you a communication. If they tell you no, they will ask you to forward the e-mail to their anti-fraud department, something you should do anyway. Also beware of fake disclaimers with links that do not seem legitimate. Sometimes these links lead to a script that adds your e-mail address to another list.

4. If your e-mail address has been harvested and is being used to spam you, try to find the actual source of the e-mails in the header information. This will show the true identity of the sender by way of IP address, ISP, and location. Contact the sender’s ISP and ask them to help you stop the spammer. To deal with the e-mails themselves, since blocking the sender will block your own e-mail address, block the subject instead. This will cut down on the spam and reduce some annoyance.

Using these simple techniques to protect yourself can make a huge difference when doing business online. Knowing how to prevent viruses, how to work with e-mails, and how to avoid identity theft can literally make the difference between being safe and suffering a horrible fate that can literally ruin your life and destroy your financial situation.

5 Ways to Really Promote Your Clothing Store

The old adage goes, “Build it and they will come!” but in reality, this is far from the truth for us regular Joes. Unless you have prime real estate, simply opening a store does not guarantee business. You must find ways to attract your customers and appeal to their needs and wants. Below we’ll discuss 5 effective ways to promote a clothing store.

1. Sales! Sales! Sales! – Have weekly sales on select items. Understand that it’s not about your profit margin per item, it’s about your profit margin per order! You can break even on the sale items but there’s a chance the customer is going to buy something else that they wouldn’t have. Sales push customers to buy, and you want to make sure that they’re buying from YOUR store!

2. Create In-Store Events – Brainstorm ideas for events you can have at your store. For example, have fashion shows showcasing your store’s clothes or a clothing drive for people to donate their clothes to charity. Customers remember these things, and you always want to be on their minds when they’re looking to shop for clothes.

3. Everybody loves FREE! – Give away something with your name on it, everybody loves swag! Calendars are a good idea, imagine having your store name posted on your customer’s walls for a whole year!

4. Unique shopping bags – Paint the town with your shopping bags! Come up with an interesting design or use a unique color for your shopping bags so everybody knows where your customers just came from!

5. Mailing Lists / Newsletters – Get people’s email addresses and send out periodic newsletters with specials, promotions, or announcement. Let your customers know what’s going on in your store — maybe next time they see it, they might come in to browse.

You have to put in the time and promote your clothing store (or any business for that matter) if you want to see it succeed. Nothing comes without working for it, but also keep in mind that you have to have a good product line to sell. You can promote all you want, but if the clothes you’re selling are not what your customers are looking for, it’s a wasted effort. Not every idea listed above will work for every clothing store, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try!